If you could design the best performance/training/quality dashboard what platform would you use?

Conduent Amosdway
Jun 19 9 Comments

Looking at branching out from a siloed mindset (Excel sheets and PowerPoint) and looking to gain insight on the best platform for developing a dashboard.


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  • New uyrdxc
    Jun 19 3
  • Google GeeCeePee
    Are you looking to develop something from the ground up (i.e., build a front-end)? Or for the best BI tool?
    Jun 19 2
    • Conduent Amosdway
      Generally just looking for opinions on the best BI tool, I honestly lack the knowledge right now to build a front end.
      Jun 19
    • Google GeeCeePee
      Totally fair!

      In that case, for a quick/lightweight solution I’d recommend looking at Data Studio (a google product) or PowerBI (a Microsoft product).

      For a more sophisticated approach, Tableau is one of the best I’ve used.
      Jun 19
  • New TC
    Numbers and Keynote
    Jun 19 1