Interview prep for Indeed, Austin

Optum stemmer
Nov 12 7 Comments

Does Indeed, Austin ask a lot of LC related questions? I am asking for a senior big data engineering position.
In general, just looking for advise to prepare for big data engineering position at Indeed.

Current TC: 120k
YOE: 10



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TOP 7 Comments
  • JPMorgan Chase wQPG76
    I interviewed for a full stack role and had 3 LC medium questions IIRC

    Where’s your TC?
    Nov 12 3
    • Optum stemmer
      My current TC? Let me see how to add.
      Nov 12
    • Optum stemmer
      Added. Thanks!
      Nov 12
    • PayPal owo owo
      Yoe @chase?
      Nov 12
  • Indeed 7dhiotdjop
    No. None of the questions come from leet code. I don't know what these other people are talking about; they must not actually be doing interviews. That's not even what happens when we screen people with Karat.

    LC like? Maybe. If anything our limited question bank hasn't seen enough change over many years.
    Nov 28 0
  • Indeed jeHt
    Yah there r some LC questions
    Nov 12 0
  • Optum stemmer
    ok, so looks like they do ask LC then. Thanks!
    Nov 12 0


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