Intuit onsite, craft demo?

Cisco EasyCheesy
Nov 1 6 Comments

I have an onsite with Intuit coming up and got an email from HR with following

Onsite design an code exercise (craft demo)
Craft Demo Presentation
Lunch with a team member

What should I be expecting or be prepared for? And what is this Craft Demo 🤔

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  • Intuit kompetent
    It’s a simple problem for which you have to implement a real solution with real code. No pseudo code B.S.

    Few things to remember
    * Be confident and explain your approach
    * Justify the design
    * Start simple and get working code.
    * Nerd out on the your best version of the solution. The interviewer will want to see what you are really good at.

    It’s a format which eliminates the blabbers from the doers. Please don’t copy paste any code from online solutions, plagiarism is an immediate reject
    Nov 1 0
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    • Cisco EasyCheesy
      Would it be more of a full stack or backend oriented ?🙈
      Nov 1
  • Intuit FlyHigh007
    What is the role you are interviewing for ?
    Nov 1 0
  • Intuit c9a4b
    Don’t forget your glue and popsicle sticks.
    Nov 1 0
  • Cisco EasyCheesy
    Really appreciate the insight! The backend stack aka the solution could be in any OOD language or is there a preference for this? Also, does the demo comprise of backend only or is it a full stack solution?
    Nov 1 0
  • Intuit DowJ58
    It will be a microservice you need to build... focus on design. There is no right answer . Good luck
    Nov 1 0


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