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• Litigation Paralegal (NYC) “Grind is real.”
Jul 8 4 Comments

About to enter law school in a little less than a month, but looking for a way to invest some money during my studies.

Any tips or ideas with $10,000.00?

Appreciate you blinders 🔥


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  • Buy Jan 2020 exp long calls for MU, TSLA, TLRY, AMD, BYND and YY.

    I promise you that you’ll be able to pay off your entire law school tuition by this time next year if you follow this strategy
    Jul 8 3
    • Huawei grad_uiuc
      Confidence in stock market!
      Jul 8
    • Tableau smVr34
      Sushi362, Can you explain what you mean in simpler terms?
      Jul 10
    • IBM zeLF33
      @smVr34 google “option trading”
      Jul 14