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I have saved about 100K in my savings account and looking for ways to invest that amount. I am Indian living in the US on H1b visa. Any suggestions about real estate investing in India or other options that I could consider ? Not looking to invest in schemes like crypto currency.


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  • Apple / Eng misled
    Have you heard of dogecoin?
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  • Amazon protonn
    High yield savings, us indexes, bonds, world indexes, raw stocks, real estate. Most people invest in these. I'd suggest learn more about the markets and invest in all of the above, but decide your rato. Make sure the ratios are realistic given where you are in life and minimize regrets. Rebalance when needed and invest long term and forget. I mostly keep funds here to avoid loss due to currency conversion. For starters, get a high yield and open a trading account with a broker and buy few indexes to get a feel of things and how comfortable you are.
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  • Oracle


    Vegas. All on red. You are welcome.
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  • LinkedIn garminson
    Invest in 3-fund portfolio with small-cap-value tilt, gradually:
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  • T-Mobile / Other jlegere
    Find a financial advisor that will take time and explain everything to you and make you feel comfortable about what and how to invest.

    Interview multiple to find the right fit for you.

    Try out Dave and his "smartvestor pros" and get a feel for who and what you like.

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  • T-Mobile / Other nray
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  • Microsoft sikerro
    For real estate you have to think on a 20 year horizon or more. The cities in India evolve way too much for such a commitment. So very unlikely you can beat just putting it in US stock market.
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  • New / IT hAgF42
    Why not Bitcoin?!
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