Is AT&T going to sell DIRECTV?

Verizon EZnCjJ
Sep 9 6 Comments

Saw the news today about the angry investor...Seems like change is imminent at AT&T...DIRECTV was a pretty bad buy in my opinion.


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  • AT&T / Product BadGus
    Lol, it was a terrible buy, but the current leadership is doubling down on that mistake because God forbid they admit the mistake and course correct. This company is dying and they won't admit it. And they are so top heavy, they need to get rid of all those salary hogs
    Sep 10 0
  • AT&T DTV123
    I think it’s more likely we sell the Wireline side of the business, but I doubt they could find a buyer
    Sep 10 0
  • AT&T nFlC55
    I offered them 9 bucks still waiting on a response🤣. They really screwed up by buying them. All they ended up doing was taking a company and a product that millions of people loved and shit all over it
    Sep 10 2
    • AT&T QQFc47
      We took a niche product and tried to make it the norm. What the fuck was Randall thinking?
      Sep 10
    • AT&T / Eng GOFb61
      And spent more than 1 billion integrating their billing platform. So stupid
      Sep 10
  • Amdocs / Eng

    Amdocs Eng

    Expedia Group
    12+ yoe same company
    Killing the business is much easier than selling it. They already have a competing product - OTT content.
    Sep 10 0


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