Is acquisition interview bar more laid back?

May 15 6 Comments

Say a tier1/tier2 company is acquiring the startup I work for, for the product + the people, and we’ve been told everyone will be given a single interview for “leveling” purposes should I be prepping for leetcode hards? Or is the bar more relaxed?


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  • New / Mgmt Vimeo
    It’s not really laid back at all. You need to fight for your life. Explain your value and you won’t be asked much about skills, as much as about your personality and grit. If you’re weak, you’ll get put on the chopping block.
    May 15 3
    • OP
      I have no doubt that my manager and higher ups will have my back in regards to my contributions and value I provide, but are you suggesting that rather than prepping for whiteboarding, I should focus on prepping some elevator pitches about my value?
      May 15
    • New / Mgmt Vimeo
      The latter.
      May 15
    • OP
      Nice, thank you!
      May 15
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    WLB Eng

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    leveling means tc, right?
    May 15 1
    • OP
      I presume it means like sde, sde2, sr, etc; which ultimately ties to TC
      May 15