LinkedIn Enterprise Productivity vs. Amazon EC2

Microsoft wlmf21
Jul 8 8 Comments

I have about 5 yoe. Both positions are in the bay area. TC-wise, both are offering close to 300k but Amazon is offering a bit more. The orgs are in the title. The LinkedIn team is internally-focused while the Amazon team delivers customer-facing features. Personally I find the Amazon team to be more exciting and a great learning opportunity, but I keep hearing bad things about Amazon culture and terrible WLB in EC2. Which offer would you choose?


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  • Uber dffeadsk
    Did you decide to go with either of those?
    Sep 19 2
    • Microsoft Lion Head
      Used both offers to negotiate my Google offer. Went with Google.
      Sep 19
    • Uber dffeadsk
      Sep 19
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    8+ Years exp software guy
    1. Better brand
    2. Working on internal tools isn't great for long term career growth.
    3. Pay is better.

    WLB not that great but depends on team. You should research more about the teams culture

    If I were you I would have chosen Amazon because after I wouldn't compromise on my long term career. If you don't blike Amazon WLB, you can always jump the ship in an year.
    Jul 8 0
  • NetApp HFop70
    Amazon is better.
    Jul 8 0
  • Microsoft dickson
    Both teams seem to be widely disparate... Did you find out what they do and what their team culture is like?
    Jul 8 1
    • Microsoft wlmf21
      The specific teams are like what I mentioned in the post, one focused on serving internal engineers while one targeting external customers.
      Jul 8
  • Bloomberg okier
    You answered it .
    Jul 8 0


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