Looking for referrals in Arizona

Kohl’s / Project Fangg
Sep 17 8 Comments

Hi All,

Currently, I am working in Bay Area and looking to relocate in Phoenix Area.

Interested in Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Management roles.

Total experinece 3+ years

Can i get your referral and what companies should I target for?



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TOP 8 Comments
  • American Airlines / Mgmt

    American Airlines Mgmt

    TC 🥜 searching 💰
    Saw a few positions in PHX with AA recently. How is your search going?
    Sep 29 1
    • Kohl’s / Project Fangg
      Oh is it. Let me look at it again and I will DM you.
      Sep 29
  • American Express asudevil
    These days Amex accepts only citizens or gc holders
    Sep 20 3
    • Kohl’s / Project Fangg
      Oh okay. Is there any preferred vendor do they have?
      Sep 21
    • American Express asudevil
      There are many. Infosys, cognizant, syntel, teksystems
      Sep 21
    • Kohl’s / Project Fangg
      Oh okay. I’ll check their websites
      Sep 22
  • GoDaddy lt84bw
    Woooow Phoenix and you don't tag GoDaddy, no referral for you 😤
    Sep 17 1
    • Kohl’s / Project Fangg
      I did but it only allowed me to tag 3 companies. My bad
      Sep 17