Los Cabo’s vs Oahu Hawaii

Cisco bitset
Mar 10 11 Comments

When I looked up, seems like trip expenses are turning out to be same for both places. Is it a good time to visit Honolulu, Hawaii? My interests are getting into beach, hiking, waterfalls. Are beaches in Los Cabo’s cold?


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  • Boeing mSQV31
    All these people saying the water is cold in Hawaii... you’re crazy. I lived in Hawaii for five years, swam every day. Water is pretty warm.
    Mar 100
  • Microsoft howser
    Which one doesn’t have the possibility of cartels

    That one
    Mar 100
  • Oahu is alright, tbh.

    Maui is phenomenal. It has everything you want: waterfalls, hiking, beaches. Go to Maui.
    Mar 100
  • Amazon holt81
    Kauai and Maui are better than Oahu IMO
    Mar 100
  • KPMG


    Deloitte, Accenture
    Maui is best. You get the best of all islands plus lots of beaches and waterfalls and Haleakla summit. It's the best hawaiin island.

    Lastly, Hawaii > Cabo. Costs may look similar on the surface but hawaii will turn out to be a bit more expensive.
    Mar 101
    • Cisco bitset
      Already visited Maui last year. Thanks
      Mar 10
  • American Express chipmonkey
    More to do in Hawaii than Cabo. Water is warmer in Cabo. Don't know if waterfall in Cabo. Cabo is better for snorkelling too. Hikes and waterfalls in Hawaii. I found nightlife cheaper and better in Cabo and more accessible. But I didn't really explore nightlife much in Hawaii.
    Mar 100
  • Microsoft / Engsudо
    Of course it's relative to personal choices, but I find Hawaiian waters cold. Now, don't get me wrong, I've been to HI eight times, and will come back again, but if you really want that warm ocean where you can stay for hours, you probably won't get it.
    Oahu is fun, just make sure you rent a car. Can travel around the island from touristy places to wilder ones.

    If you like hiking, I'd go to Big Island ( they do night hikes to lava places), or Kauai for a hike in Canyon, or Maui to hike at Haleakala park. Oahu has nice hiking spots too, I just find these ones more unique.
    Mar 100
  • Pinterest poissons
    It's generally not advised to swim in the ocean at Cabo due to underwater currents.
    Mar 120
  • ViaSat / Designmark1650
    Hawaii. I like Kauai.
    Mar 110
  • Google / EngBiggusD
    Waterfalls will definitely be better in Hawaii, beach is somewhat cold in both.
    Mar 100

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