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Apple Red4life93
Jul 28 9 Comments

Hi! I’m debating between joining Lyft’s Biz Strategy team or Blackstone Alternative Asset Management.
I have 3 years of work ex post undergrad
offer particulars:

$120K base
$60k stocks/4 years vesting schedule

role: Investment associate (Quant strategy)
$140k base
$50-$60K annual bonus
$75K stocks/4 years schedule

I would be taking a pay cut to join Lyft but would consider it if the nature of the work/ environment is great. Curious to hear what current employees have to say about their experiences, concerns of layoffs etc.


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  • Google InternShip
    What's your background (undergrad and nature of those 3 YOE)? I'd love to get into strategy but it seems like they only hire top tier consultants.
    Jul 28 1
    • Apple Red4life93
      Undergrad with majors in Applied Math, Econ and minor in CS; worked in investment banking for 1.5 years and then moved to the Corporate Strategy/Development team at Apple and have been here for 2 years now.

      I enjoyed my conversations with everyone at Lyft but I’m a little concerned with how the next 2 years might pan out for the company, especially since I’m an international
      Jul 28
  • Symantec Nort
    Look it does ultimately depend on whether you see yourself as a career hedge fund guy or an operator of a business.

    That said the Blackstone opportunity is much more selective and you will make way more money all things equal. (In ten years at Blackstone you should be clearing 7 figures, unlikely in biz strategy at Lyft)
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  • Uber


    Lyft has bonus too no?
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  • Uber qkmN68
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  • Yelp ENIX45
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  • Yelp ENIX45
    I think early in one's career, it's important to be on a path where you become the end decision maker. As an investment associate at Blackstone, you're on that path. Biz ops takes you off that path. In the end, if you hate your job at Blackstone, you can always jump back into a biz ops role in tech and come in at a higher level. Transitioning now to Lyft caps your future career growth.

    Even if you're set on doing biz ops/strategy, I don't think Lyft is the company to make that jump for. COO just resigned fwiw.
    Jul 29 0
  • Google nanithefu
    Are you consultant or banker?
    Jul 28 0