MSFT maternity leave

Amazon Hsoulalau
May 5 10 Comments

Relocating in a couple weeks to take a job at MSFT and just found out I’m pregnant. Do I have to work for full year before maternity benefits kick in?

Should I let HR know in advance?


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  • Amazon Fprs52
    Welcome to working at a place where your employer actually cares for you as an employee.
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  • Microsoft FML_0x45
    Benefits kick in on day 1.
    You have no obligation to your employer. You may want to let your manager know the same tine you let you friends know, but that is up to you.
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    • Microsoft zcqs20
      My rule of thumb - tell the manager at the latest moment, though "the last moment" never jeopardizes my team's work.

      If I were you, it would be super easy. You cannot jeopardize nothing, and at least first few months you'll learn anyway.
      May 5
  • Microsoft beetle2018
    You don’t “have” to warn HR. You can use your leave at any time within the first year of the child’s life. You can split the leave into two phases if you want.

    While you don’t have to, I do recommend notifying your manager during your first few weeks so they can work with you and balance workload. I’ve seen several men and women go on paternal leave - two had been with the company under a year. Don’t worry. Just do your best work until you leave and work with your team on a good transition plan.
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  • Microsoft eusgsi
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    • Ericsson / Eng

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      What does this mean? Been seeing this around a few times.
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    • Amazon bnhujb
      think it means, here's some popcorn. I will come back and answer this soon.
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    • Microsoft hbdtyh
      It means I’m following this thread
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  • Microsoft zcqs20
    If you are hired and accepted, then you don't have any obligation to warn HR.

    I think, you can take a maternity leave in the 1st year. At least my fellow team mates did, returned sfter, and still works. Was it 100% paid? No idea. I'd expect yes, though not completely sure.
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  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    You're good! Congrats
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