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New Hfih57
Feb 25 9 Comments

How does working at Frost and Sullivan compare to Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, and McKinsey? Is F&S ranked highly/comparable to the rest?


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  • Amazon rtXi84
    Frost & Sullivan isn’t even in the consideration set for anyone looking at McBain Group. They might be stronger in other geos but never hear of them in N. America or Europe.
    Feb 25 0
  • McKinsey


    I’ve never ever heard of Frost and Sullivan. Do not get a job outside of MBB (McKinsey, BCG and Bain) if you want to keep your future opportunities as widely open as possible
    Feb 26 1
    • New Hfih57
      If this is just for an internship is not good to start somewhere?
      Feb 26
  • Veritas / Other 13Jija
    Here is what my experience tells me BCG> Bain> McKinsey> Booz Allen Hamilton. Do you know which vertical/sector you want to pursue in long run?
    Feb 25 3
    • New Hfih57
      Feb 25
    • Veritas / Other 13Jija
      McKinsey do some great stuff in Tech. They have a huge Digital transformation practice. You can look at Deloitte and PWC as well.

      M&A is done by all. So, go for the best one!

      Finance - Can you elaborate? Are you taking about auditing?

      Also, this is just based on my experience. You may like to check with your alumni network if you are new graduate. Otherwise, go through websites and Glassdoor.
      Feb 25
    • New Hfih57
      Thank you for your help
      Feb 26
  • Google come2daddy
    BCG has been consistently ranked as good place to work. I wonder if the comp and wlb there is comparable to Google ?
    Feb 26 0
  • Proofpoint / Eng singson
    McKinsey == BCG
    Feb 25 0


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