Microsoft 61 offer negotiation

Amazon uAGy14
Jun 5 8 Comments

Interviewed for 63, down leveled at 61.

L61 offer
Base 135k
Bonus 10% target
Sign on: 40k over 2 yrs
Stock: 75k over 4 yrs
Team: Azure compute pub sub

YOE: 4.5
TC: 180k

How much negotiation space at 61?

I am asking for
Base 145k
Same bonus and sign on
Stock 120k

Would it be possible?

Have competing offers with Expedia, Zulily and Oracle. Does msft typically honor those company offers?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft / Mgmt Dunph
    Almost impossible to match, the offer they gave you is top of l61
    Jun 5 0
  • Qualcomm clockwerk123
    My recent l61 offer 140/25/140. Stocks is definitely negotiable. 2 yoe+masters
    Jun 5 2
    • New / IT hard work
      Congratulations, its really good TC for your YOE. Did you had competing offers while negotiating with Microsoft?
      Jun 18
    • Qualcomm clockwerk123
      Yes uber but sde1 though
      Jun 18
  • Microsoft widienw
    My offer for L61 after negotiating with competing offer: 135 base, 150k stock over 4 years, 40k sign on over 2 years
    Jun 5 2
    • Microsoft


      What location ? What company did you come from and did you have competing offers?
      Jun 5
    • Microsoft widienw
      Came from amazon, Facebook offer, went to azure. I’ve seen left azure to join cognition org. I had 2.5 yoe.
      Jun 5
  • Facebook / Eng xueme
    Push for 62 (in band doesn't require reinterview and get better sign on) but nothing more but also be ready to walk away

    4.5 years is not Senior, so 62 is appropriate
    Jun 5 0