Moving to Palo Alto, where/how expensive to rent

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Starting a new job in Palo Alto in over a month. Where do you suggest living? Ive been looking at Mountain View / Menlo Park / East Palo Alto. I want to be close enough to bike to work. How much should I expect to pay per month (roommates are expected)? Is 1500 feasible?

Edit: Forgot the most important thing...

180 base


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    2bd/2ba apartment with gym, pool and spa for $3200 avg in mountain view on el camino real. Share it with one more person and you are only paying $1550. Try to find someone from Facebook google so they hardly cook at home. Get it professionally cleaned every 3 months, no discussion on cleaning with roommates. House party every weekend and eat out all weekends. Enjoy bachelor life. Did this for last 2 years. Dont listen to people who are asking to spend money on living alone. No need to throw money on rent just coz u have good tc. Use it on car, dates, gym and partying.
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  • Facebook GDSI06
    If you’re willing to live in older buildings (from the 50s-60s), 1500 is possible in Menlo Park. I live in a large 2 bed 2 bath and pay 1550 to share it with one other person.
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    • OP
      Any suggestions on what services to use? Been looking at craigslist and hotpads
      Apr 13
  • Amazon asdasdasd4
    Do not be cheap
    Apr 11 2
    • OP
      How much should I expect to pay?
      Apr 11
    • Amazon asdasdasd4
      If your base is 180k, someone between 2500-3000 should not break the bank
      Apr 11
  • Google SergeyBlin
    In PA you are overpaying for good schools. EPA is not a nice place.
    Can’t go wrong with MTV though it is expensive too.
    Apr 11 0
  • Apple / Eng fruitco334
    Skip east palo, Mountain View will be decently priced for the area. Palo can be bad for rent but if someone is looking for a roommate you can score something good. What company are you joining?

    Also welcome to the bay!
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  • Apple / Eng fruitco334
    What’s your salary?
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