Need advice/help/suggestions breaking in to Prod Mgt

Microsoft kuIW40
Aug 2, 2018 2 Comments

About me:
S/W Engg >10 years, recently moved to a senior program manager role at Microsoft, Weekend MBA from a top B school.

PM exp @ microsoft helped me get some valuable skills, which I would have never obtained being in engg. But as i'm researching, I increasingly realize that tech companies like FAANG & other unicorns(Uber, AirBnb, etc.) expect a different skill set to be considered for a PM role (end-end ownership including customer research, product strategy/roadmap, product design, shipping customer facing end product, go-to-market, etc.), which i currently lack

I appreciate any advice and if possible mentoring from folks who've gone this path, specifically:
1. Is that gap a dealbreaker ? if so how i can close that gap
2. Any tips on how I approach on LinkedIn or otherwise wrt open PM positions i come across
3. Tips on preparation, online or otherwise


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  • Amazon jbeefzfos
    Do whatever it takes to get out of Redmond. Microsoft is awful for product career development because the Program Manager role (only comparable role) isn’t a true product role and as you mentioned, will leave you lacking critical skills/experience. You also have to calibrate with a slew of other non-product PMs in a top-heavy and political company.

    Hands down Microsoft is the worst big tech company for product managers.

    Go to the center of the action in a product area you’re interested in, and start growing. Prioritize growth potential/learning.
    Aug 2, 2018 1
    • Microsoft kuIW40
      Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts....have you been in similar situation? I would really appreciate if you can throw some light on how to break in to a good product centric company
      Aug 2, 2018