Need help Salary expectation for Apple

Intel traderking
Feb 11

What should I ask for?
Apple Mac team QA engineer in Sunnyvale.

Currently have 4 years of Intel experience in Portland Oregon.

Please help..., this is my first time receiving offer outside of being in college.

B.S in EE
Current :95k


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  • Qualcomm dynasty001
    $130k base, $120k stocks , $25k joining
    Feb 111
    • Apple EXQB54
      Could probably go higher on base to 140
      Feb 12
  • Intel YuXF42
    How much in RSUs did they offer you OP ?
  • Apple lokiloki
    QA pay is low. I would say 110kbase+105kRSU+15k. Please let me know
  • Intel ICvg71
    What was your job at Intel?
  • Honeywell that1guy
    I thought apple didn’t have dedicated Mac team anymore?
    Feb 110
  • Nvidia $$$$:)
    Feb 110

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