New mom preparing for tech interviews

Salesforce applejack8
Feb 28 13 Comments

I have worked in software automation/testing for most of my career. We went through a reorg recently and they got rid of all test engineers. We were given some time to take a hackerrank test and interview for software engineer roles. I’m a new mom and am just coming out of maternity leave. I don’t have much time to prepare for a hackerrank test and technical interview. I have started solving hackerrank problems but am finding it extremely difficult given the limited amount of time I have. There is literally too much to prep for a coding interview- algorithms, data structures etc. what topics should I focus on to quickly prepare? I need to narrow my focus. I’d really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


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  • Cisco andrewku
    Study and then give a test. Its.painful but in the long run will be useful. There are no shorttcuts. You want big fat salary and u dont to solve one test?
    Few resources : interviewcake, geeks4geeks, leetcode etc
    Feb 28 2
    • Homeaway ppMg64
      She did not say that she wants a salary without putting an effort. All she said that being a new mom is H A R D and would like some more time to transition.

      It’s because of dicks like you that women feel unwelcome in the tech world.
      Feb 28
    • Amazon 365o
      ^^^^ this.
      Feb 28
  • Apple dnixbehx
    Shot an email to your CEO, he will take care of this.
    Feb 28 3
    • Arista Networks unVS80
      Yes that should buy you some time at least!
      Feb 28
    • Honeywell / Eng that1guy
      I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious
      Feb 28
    • Apple dnixbehx
      Google who is CEO of salesforce and what is his attitude about women
      Feb 28
  • PayPal joyandpain
    Happy to consider you for our org, please PM me if you’re interested.
    Feb 28 0
  • / Eng äččä
    If you don’t have any immigration related issues, you can try an internship. Just found this post on Blind:

    Check out this post! "program (Women in Tech)"
    Feb 28 0
  • Trulioo ama123zon
    Try to implement the data structures from scratch to understand how each of them works on a deeper level. After that do some easy problems that uses these data structures.
    Feb 28 0
  • Facebook fQvt06
    Try asking other test engineers (who have taken the test) what problems they were asked?

    Otherwise I would stick with easy level problems and cover a little bit of every topic: stacks, queues, graphs, trees, binary search, sorts (especially merge and topological) . I would leave dynamic programming for last if you have time
    Feb 28 0
  • Salesforce bandugana
    What cloud?
    Feb 28 0
  • eBay tonytony
    Test roles are risky
    Feb 28 0


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