Not ready to interview - but getting calls

Cisco target
Sep 2 5 Comments

Hi folks , I just started preparing and am nowhere ready to interview ..however I am getting contacted (emails) from recruiters from my dream companies for positions . What do I do ? Should I reply to them and tell them I can only interview later or ignore them now and email them only when I am ready ... I don't want to be pressurized to interview now but at the same time don't want to miss these great opportunities!

Also , from the preparation perspective on a scale of 1-10 (10=best) I am at a 3 currently .. how much time would you think to get to a 7-8 if I were to allocate dedicated 3-4 hrs everyday for prep ? (10 will take years ). Please , share some tips to prepare and pointers on how to tackle this ocean of information . Where do I start and what all should I prepare ? I am targeting a senior QA role . Thanks !


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  • Airbnb twofer
    Take an interview now that you don’t care about.
    Sep 2 0
  • New vtrI00
    Reply to them and ask for a couple months. And keep doing that until you're semi-ready (you'll never be completely ready, and you don't need to be)

    Also, them checking in with you after every few weeks will keep your preparations on track.
    Sep 2 0
  • Google UWOM24
    Tell them you are busy now and you can interview in 3 months?
    Sep 2 0
  • New / Data JhYt70
    What is your LC?
    Sep 2 0
  • Microsoft


    These are not really opportunities if you are not prepared right now. Take your time to prep. Most are willing to contact back depending on the headcount.
    Sep 2 0


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