Oci offer at ic4 and ic5 level

Cisco Dzhb64
Oct 15 11 Comments

Can someone share details on Ic4 and ic5 level
My friend is offered 180k, 8500 rsu, no joining bonus at ic4 level.
If he manages to get ic5 with other competing offers, what total comp he should be expecting?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Amazon monk-
    Tc or gtfo
    Oct 15 3
    • Cisco Dzhb64
      What is gtfo? Total cash
      Oct 15
    • Juniper phe
      There are few dumb ppl who wont help you until you tell them your tc. 😐 gtfo is get the fuck out.
      Oct 15
    • Cisco Dzhb64
      Amazon has amazon like cattle, pretty evident.
      Oct 16
  • Amazon IPA!
    Less than 300k for ic4?
    Oct 15 2
    • Cisco Dzhb64
      300k with stocks or base salary?
      Oct 16
    • Amazon IPA!
      Huh? 180k and 2125 units per year is around 297k TC.

      I’m surprised ic4 would be less than 300.
      Oct 17
  • Juniper boxing
    What's his yoe?
    Oct 15 1
  • Microsoft UWw
    That's a low-ball..
    Oct 21 0
  • Oracle / Project

    Oracle Project

    Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook
    OCI future is cloudy
    Quid pro quo
    Oct 15 0


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