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Microsoft ofVdjwin
Dec 14, 2018 5 Comments

On behalf of a friend:

I have offers from Yelp and Pinterest. I have a Bachelors degree and 1.5 years of experience. My offer is below:

Yelp: IC2
Base: 130k
Stock: 125k over 4 years
Signing bonus: 25k
Annual bonus: Don't think they have, not sure about refreshers

Pinterest: L4
Base: 150k
Stock: 300k over 4 years
Signing bonus: 12k
Annual bonus: Don't think they have, not sure about refreshers

Leaning Pinterest obviously, but where do you think I could push the numbers?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • LinkedIn / Eng Ro1cks
    Pinterest - comp difference is too good to ignore imho
    Dec 14, 2018 0
  • Yelp / Eng

    Yelp Eng

    Yeah Pinterest got lunches too. Doe so far I really like the people at Yelp
    Dec 14, 2018 0
  • Cisco / Product

    Cisco Product

    Cisco, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon
    What roles are these?
    Dec 14, 2018 1
    • Microsoft ofVdjwin
      Dec 14, 2018
  • Yelp / Eng AreaCoder
    Can maybe push for a bump on base & RSUs. I love the ppl at Yelp as well, amazing culture, great early career mentorship, yes refreshers. Can’t comment on Pinterest but many more unknowns
    Dec 19, 2018 0

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