Offer from A9, Amazon

Intel VDqO76
Apr 8 10 Comments

I have got an offer from A9, Amazon. I was wondering what kind of base, TC I should be expecting?

Position: Applied Scientist (or probably senior applied scientist - need to confirm with recruiter)
PhD in computer vision and deep learning
YOE: 3+ years


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Amazon lolwhat
    One of the few good places left in Amazon!
    Apr 8 5
    • Microsoft / Eng Rydia
      What is A9?
      Apr 8
    • Uber SDDD
      Apr 8
    • Amazon lolwhat
      It kind of has it's own management.
      Apr 8
    • Intel VDqO76
      Thank you! I've heard wlb is better in A9 than Amazon. Could you comment on the package as well? or if you know about their perks?
      Apr 8
    • Google


      A9 does not have its own management anymore. It’s fully integrated with mothership.
      Apr 8
  • Amazon fapple
    Definitely better than Amazon in WLB. Better workspaces (new adjustable standing desks and ergonomic chairs are default). Free drinks and snacks.
    Apr 8 2
    • Intel VDqO76
      How many paid vacation days? what about parental leave?
      Apr 8
    • Amazon / Mgmt pE4/z1-u
      15 in year 1, then 20, 25 after 6 years. 6 weeks parental leave, but only after you have been around a year.
      Apr 14
  • Salesforce blah9
    How’s the a9 visual search team?
    Jun 9 0