Offshoring and future of technical positions

L'Oreal !^>€

I am seeing a trend that more and more companies in US are partnering with Indian outsourcing firms and sending technical work to offshore. I like technical side but it seems like companies are more interested in soft skills instead of hard skills and there is no future staying on technical roles as you get older.

What are your thoughts and career advice?


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  • Uber random04
    It's all fun and games to outsource the technical skills until they steal all your code and copy your company.
    • Anthem ❤️ dah
      How often has that happened?
    • New me2you.
      Or sell customer data to chicomm or russia
  • Amazon tenders
    I know a dude who gets remote jobs in the US and offshores the work. He’s making hella $$$
    • Anthem tusla
      Individual capitalist ;)
    • Microsoft lalalond
      You are probably talking about a news article who was outsourcing to China but eventually got caught and fired?
    • Yeah I remember that. That was pretty boss. And he must have been a good people manager with mad Chinese language skills to pull that off communicating with Chinese engineers.
  • Expedia Sharknado
    The startup I used to work for went down because of outsourcing despite repeated warnings. They fucked up the code and infra to the point where adding new features would take exponentially longer and we simply couldn’t keep pace with demand.
    The founders were greedy
  • Hold up. L'Oreal is on blind? I think I saw someone from Sephora a while back.
  • New me2you.
    Vote democrat if you want more offshoring.
    • L'Oreal !^>€
      I hated democrats for this problem. So I was all for Trump because I saw some hope in him to control this H1B & outsourcing plague but he turned to out to be a baboon.
    • Airbnb nbbhcc
      Neither side is even talking about doing anything against offshoring tech work
    • New me2you.
      Start with h1b, then offshoring.

      But first politicians need to stop spreading lies that lower tech wages.

      Girls doing stem, day of code is all to increase labor supply and lower costs.

      Should have day of lying and allow immigrants to run for political office to level the impact but lawyers are too smart to eat their own unlike techies drunk on koolaid
  • Bank of America jkQk45
    Sometimes I think this process is cyclical.
    • Glooko / Otherdrditto
      Yup as labor costs increase elsewhere the jobs will come back, but maybe not before mass automation occurs. Interesting race to observe.
  • Pinger / Engcreate💻
    I don't see this at all. Companies are learning that offshoring isn't a winning strategy whether the goal is quality or speed (quick learning / iteration on the product). It could work for simpler projects though if the goal is minimized budget.

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