Oracle OCI Offer Letter taking a long time? BiII Gates
Nov 12 20 Comments

2 weeks ago, I accepted a verbal offer from OCI. The recruiter said that it would take 2 weeks to get the letter, but it still doesn't seem close to being done. I mentioned to them that I saw posts online (Blind) saying they waited months for their letter, they said it must've been visa issues and that OCI is given higher priority.

Thoughts? I really need to get this offer letter soon for personal reasons.

TC 100k
Offer $200k


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  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    When OCI makes a verbal offer it has to get approved exec's from Oracle. It takes a long time. I'm not sure if you can speed it up.
    Nov 12 2
    • BiII Gates
      That's annoying. How long did it take for you personally?
      Nov 12
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      After onsite, the next day they said they were going to make offer.

      4 weeks after that they made verbal offer. I declined. I dont know how much longer it would have taken, but I think it was fully approved at that point so would have been quickly after that.
      Nov 12
  • Oracle Xyzzyxyzzy
    What happens from verbal onwards:
    1..recruiter works to get formal applicationon going. Applicant side work

    2. When ready HM crated a formal offer. It may take 1-3 days based on what else is on his plate.
    3 once offer is entered it goes through approval chain. Sometime it’s returned by HR for correction and process restarts.

    So it can 1-4 weeks. I had offers approved I. 3 days once I entered in system to 3 weeks.
    Nov 12 0
  • MathWorks / Eng uUbR08
    Been 4 weeks and the recruiter informed me that the process is still ongoing
    Dec 1 1
    • Goldman Sachs zgEs88
      Definitely talk to your hiring manager. Maybe they are on vacation. Took my process around 4 business days once entered in the system
  • Goldman Sachs zgEs88
    Which level? Ic2?
    Nov 12 1
  • Genentech jKWx62
    What location did you get Oracle OCI offer? Santa Clara or Seattle?
    4d 0
  • Oracle hzRj55
    Took 3 months for me. The recruiter will Checkin next nice in a while with updates.
    Nov 15 0
  • Oracle Lostsouls
    It took 2 months for me.. so hang in there
    Nov 15 0
  • Oracle OCInic
    Sometimes it takes months even without visa issues. As I recall, it took me about a month to go from verbal to letter.
    Nov 12 0
  • Microsoft UWw
    Keep them as backup..they are 2 slow and are rescinding offers.Don't trust them.
    Nov 12 2
    • Oracle fkaii285
      Rescinding offers? Ridiculous. Don’t believe this.
      Nov 12
    • Microsoft UWw
      It is true,happened to a friend of mine.Now they are telling him to hunt for a new position in OCi and trying to find something for him.Luckily he had another offer.
      Nov 13
  • MathWorks / Eng

    MathWorks Eng

    Robert Bosch
    Can you give TC breakdown and yoe?
    Nov 26 0
  • Oracle ClaysMuse
    Last 2 I did went through all approvals in less than 2 weeks.
    Nov 26 0
  • Oracle speechle55
    Took 2 months. In the meanwhile - keep looking
    Nov 18 0
  • Intel Djokovic
    Keep Calm and Leetcode On.

    I am in the same boat and waiting for 4 weeks post verbal offer. Unless you have any other opportunities I suggest you shut down your mind and LC.
    Nov 12 0
  • SailPoint Technologies / Eng bradygoat
    Breakdown and YOE?
    Nov 12 0


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