PM - Wrangling Analytics for cross platform enterprise product

New NbGd41
Jan 3

Recently took over product at a small startup with a rather large and bloated enterprise product. Feeling a bit overwhelmed wrangling in the analytics.

Does anyone have any suggested reads, platforms or resources they’d be willing to share?


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  • New Walkerz
    To clarify wrangling... the team or building out dashboards and prioritized analysis?
    Jan 31
    • New NbGd41
      Specifically dashboards, finding user flows and how to aggregate across platforms. (iOS, Android, Web on an ASP.NET framework)
      Jan 3
  • Uber booYah!!
    Hi there
    I’m Engineering manager at Uber and working on this problem set of analytics and business intelligence.

    I will be happy to share what we do.

    PM me.
    Jan 30

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