PM track - what positions to target for growth?

Cisco / IT shdifigbrk
Aug 27 6 Comments

Started as a software engineer, switched to project management. Now I’m wondering how to climb and what positions to look at targeting for the fastest growth / best TC. Product manager next? Or program manager? Scrum master? I feel like the variety of titles for what seem to be very similar positions at different companies makes the management track more confusing than engineer as engineering is more straightforward and linear.

End goal: get to the C-suite.


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  • If you have the option to pick between program management or product, go product. Easier to go from product to program than it is from Program to product.
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  • Microsoft 特Lang普
    get an MBA
    Aug 27 0
  • Disney / Eng

    Disney Eng

    The Walt Disney Company
    Sr. Software Engineer
    Product is known to have a pretty good shot to C-Suite.

    Program manager too, my VP was a Program manager for PMO systems prior to becoming a VP.
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  • EPAM Systems / IT kSWK84
    Colleagues, I’m having 8 years as mobile dev, got an mba in 2017 and willing to switch to product management.
    Any advice how should I do it ?

    Many recruiters asks me : “ do you have any pm experience?”

    I would appreciate your help !
    Aug 27 1
    • American Express vista133
      Why don't you post your own thread rather than hacking OP's one?
      Sep 3
  • American Express vista133
    TC or GTFO... you know the song, right?
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