Parking near Uber ATG office in SF?

Amazon wutwut991
Apr 22 9 Comments

I will start in Uber ATG office (Pier 70) in SF in 2 weeks and I am curious about the parking situation. I will be commuting from South Bay.

If you are in this office and driving, where do you park your car? Is public transportation / walking / biking the only option?


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  • Microsoft unfanged
    Does Uber ATG give stocks/options for Uber in general or for ATG specifically?
    Apr 22 2
    • New / Eng |l|l||l|l|
      This is an interesting question with the latest ATG development
      Apr 22
    • Amazon wutwut991
      It is irrelevant though
      Apr 22
  • AT&T / Project

    AT&T Project

    Boeing, GE
    Maybe you guys Uber to work :)
    Apr 22 0
  • You can pay like $200 for the lot out front. Free parking for ๐Ÿ though.
    Apr 24 3
    • Amazon wutwut991
      What about daily parking?
      Apr 24
    • What are you looking for? Pay daily to park here? I bet you itโ€™s going to be north of $200. Street parking? You can try to show up at 6 am every day maybe youโ€™ll get a spot. Also this is SF so set aside some money for broken windows instead of spending $200 to park in a garage staffed with securities that guards secret technology and deal with curious journalists frequently ...
      Apr 24
    • Amazon wutwut991
      I will be using public transportation vast majority of the time and occasionally drive. Obviously I am looking for other options that wouldnโ€™t require me paying monthly rate, if it makes sense.
      Apr 24
  • Apple Icml2017
    From where in South Bay will you commute. Taking Caltrain will be more preferable not just because of parking situation but just the horrible traffic along 101 or 280 during commute hours. I have got a couple of offers in SF (closer to Caltrain station than Uber though) and am contemplating moving closer to the city (assuming I take any of those offers).
    Apr 23 0


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