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New Odins
Aug 27 6 Comments

I recently received a verbal offer from PayPal around 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for the written offer. I was told i would initially receive it a few business days after the verbal offer was confirmed, however, it seemed the process is taking longer than expected. I was reading around that there is a hiring freeze, but that it would only affect certain departments. This position is finance related. PayPal is my first choice, however, i have another offer, that i believe i can delay until the end of next week at the most. Was hoping to get some opinions from the community!


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  • Bird in hand is .......,.
    Aug 27 0
  • New qdvF37
    Call the recruiter handling your application at PayPal?
    Aug 27 3
    • New Odins
      I reached out to the recruiter handling my application but they could not give me a straightforward answer, just thanking me for my patience and that they should be contacting me soon
      Aug 27
    • Veritas pBCe14
      Plenty of possible explanations - your HM left, the .org is restructuring and role may or may not exist in future, hiring freeze. The role was pushed out a few months. I have had all of these happen to me.

      Some of these are probably above the recruiter’s pay grade. I don’t mean this in a bad way but sometimes recruiters don’t know or are not allowed to share.
      Your better bet may be the hiring manager. Try to get on a call with him.
      Aug 27
    • New Odins
      Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it! With that being said, whether it be any of those possibilities, or even if it's getting pushed out months, wouldn't i be informed or given some type of information within the first month of waiting for the written offer? Or would i have to make a decision based on speculation?
      Aug 27
  • Rightpoint MQpe16
    If you're not getting a straight answer, you shouldn't and you have other opportunities, you should definitely pursue those other opportunities. So many things can change through the process and they know they are risking losing you as a candidate. If you currently have a job and can afford to wait, then I suppose you could.

    I'm in a similar boat except I'm getting all sorts excuses, each day it's something else and a carrot dangling in front that I'll have it the next day. The HM and their boss are out of the office so I'm stuck dealing with the recruiter who is only updates me when I reach out (which has now become every day). And in this situation, I need the job (been laid off for almost a year).

    Best of luck with yours, hopefully I get good news _tomorrow_.
    Sep 6 0