PayPal layoffs

Nutanix laz
Mar 10 14 Comments

I heard there were some layoffs in PayPal. Does anyone know what happened ? Any restructuring?


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  • Bank of America pOlF30
    I had an interview late November 2018 for a senior eng role. Cleared first two rounds. Then I did the onsite.. All went very well. The hiring manager was very positive. After about two weeks the recruiter told me they closed the req and are on "hiring freeze". I first thought they just gave me a random reason to reject me. But then I read somewhere that they have been doing some major budget cuts.. But I also saw them so some major donation(millions) for the employees affected by government shutdown which was little contradicting.
    Mar 10 5
    • PayPal dryh36f
      Yeah there is really freeze on all reqs now ..
      Mar 10
    • Capital One EXwk33
      Banks and fintechs need to take care of customers who are struggling due to emergencies (natural disaster, shutdown...) the fact they did this has very little to do with whether they are having layoffs or not.
      Mar 10
    • PayPal da anomaly
      We’re hiring in a major way. PM me if you’re a software engineer and interested.
      Mar 10
    • PayPal DoOrDie
      What level? Can you post the req number?
      Mar 11
    • Symantec sf_aloha
      Hiring freeze yet I see their job postings all over the place
      Mar 21
  • PayPal / Design

    PayPal Design

    PayPal, Oath, SparkPost
    Just another worker bee. #ux
    Seems like layoffs is all PayPal people are talking about lately
    Mar 11 0
  • PayPal RightRight
    Not some, to many layoffs dude.
    Mar 10 0
  • PayPal da anomaly
    Those of us at PayPal don’t know what happened, no official word other than “aligning with business needs.”
    Mar 12 0
  • PayPal / Data

    PayPal Data

    Mu Sigma Inc.
    PayPal Analytics
    I know some Telaviv and Austin folks have been let go
    Mar 13 0
  • PayPal rz
    You’ll see what happen after Q1 earning call
    Mar 15 0
  • Proofpoint


    frilly more
    Ping me for referral
    Mar 13 0
  • Inkling Systems bayareagg1
    Tried to google this but seems like no news outlet has reported it. Could anybody give more info?
    Mar 12 0
  • Oracle / Mgmt mlabc
    Which groups ??
    Mar 10 0


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