People who love working in Gaming: What are your experiences?

New siaLHp
Jun 6 7 Comments

Trying to get more inspiration to join Gaming, because it's something I've wanted to do for a while:For people who love it -- what do you love?


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  • Netflix / Product Thats_It
    As a female, I didn’t enjoy the sexism and misogyny.
    As a human being, I didn’t like the egos, lack of wlb, overall volatility of the industry.
    Jun 6 1
    • Netflix / Product Thats_It
      What’s better than the money is being treated with respect and that your opinions are considered valuable. That’s worth more than the money.
      Jun 6
  • Microsoft / Design 206wrkr
    I found the people in gaming to be odd, immature and generally lacking the ability to be anything other than juvenile. This included decision making and day to day interactions with co-workers - at all levels of title/position.
    Jun 6 1
    • Microsoft / Eng Summoner99
      Sounds like general software development.
      Jun 6
  • NBCUniversal / Product

    NBCUniversal Product

    Music Maker, Dreamer of Dreams
    I love the fact that I make people feel things and get people through hard times or make good times even better. I love seeing the communities and groups that form around the games I have made over the course of my career. I love, more often than not, the people that I have worked with across my career. It can be very fulfilling. It can also be very difficult, volatile and sad when poor decisions come to roost. All said, I have been in this business now for 13 years and while I am sometimes compelled to explore other spaces out of curiosity or money - the overall experience keeps me rooted firmly in place. If you have questions, feel free to message me I would be more than happy to help.
    Jun 7 0
  • Google 键盘侠
    Gaming and working in gaming is totally different, I would think twice.
    Jun 6 0
  • Reddit y34bas
    Don’t go, it’s bad.
    Jun 6 0