Poll: New grad to Google, FB, or Stripe for learning?

Google jswedis
Sep 25 7 Comments

TLDR; Where should a new grad go to have higher probability of growing into solid engineer?

Hi fellow Blinders,

I've been told that when deciding on your first job, you should try to focus on making a great choice vs. trying, in vain, to make an imperfect choice with imperfect data/lack of reference points as a new grad rookie.

However, I figured to make a better choice I could maybe reach out to the community to ask for some wisdom.

I'm strictly optimizing for learning and career growth opportunities (which might subsume TC and future employability/desirability as a SWE).

I interned at Google but the variance in team matching and the seemingly slower pace are concerns.

From research on Blind, I can't tell whether FB or Stripe would be better for a new grad who just wants to work hard. Is FB too big (similar to Google) to maximize learning and would Stripe be better?

Thanks in advance!
Obligatory: offer TC range 150-180 (loose range)

Disclaimer: I've heard all the recent stories about FB's high-intensity culture but that does not affect my perception of FB as an employer.



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  • McKinsey sallie
    Lol I’ve heard Fb in general doesn’t do a good job for mentorship & growth. As a friend who works there said “it’s smart ppl with the most inept middle management ever”. I’ve interned there as a SWE and unless I felt like I PESTERED my manager, he didn’t talk to me for the entire summer!! This was my first internship so I wasn’t great at pushing my manager to help me either. This isn’t uncommon from what I’ve heard other SWES there. So, if you’re really a self directed learner, Fb could be ok, but if you want guidance, I’ve only heard terrible things about fbs middle management
    Sep 25 1
    • Pure Storage meemeep
      I've heard FB is great for career growth
      Nov 5
  • Cisco NnMk28
    Sep 25 0
  • Stripe zxco
    Sep 25 0
  • eBay Tohb60
    Keep them all voted evenly guys he wont be able to choose!
    Sep 25 0
  • Google st 🍴
    Can’t go wrong by company here - it’ll come down to team.
    Sep 25 0
  • Google 1337c0de
    Did you get fb offer?
    Sep 25 0


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