Prestige Ranking of Jobs for CS PhDs

Facebook / Design XXX porno
Mar 10 16 Comments

1️⃣ R1 TT
2️⃣ HFT



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TOP 16 Comments
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    This is giving me cancer.
    Mar 10 0
  • Microsoft iiieeegemm
    Another child of tiger parent's post
    Mar 10 0
  • Facebook Probe
    Mar 10 0
  • Nvidia careerrc
    What is R1 TT
    Mar 10 2
    • Facebook / Design XXX porno
      Research 1 (top tier) university Tenure Track
      Mar 10
    • Credit Karma WRra32
      Disagree with your rankings. Amazon shouldn’t be in the list. MSFT research should be included, but not MSFT.

      For HFT there are different tiers just like with tech. I’d make it explicit which companies you are including there.
      Mar 10
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Microsoft Edgey
      So much this. Think about how little you care about where your friends work. That's how little people care where you work. Nobody cares
      Mar 10
  • Infoblox 2600
    Nobody cares
    Mar 10 0
  • Microsoft Edgey
    "prestige" JFC
    Mar 10 0
  • Apple hqpm16
    1️⃣ an interesting project with a good team
    2️⃣ anything else
    Mar 10 1
    • You are the one with the right answer. Chasing Fame and TC is for the losers that need to prove themselves they can do it.
      Mar 10
  • Disagree with ranking:
    Facebook is now a tier 5 (shouldn't be in the list). Google is probably on the same level as the other aangs
    Mar 10 1
    • Indeed / Eng Legit User
      Lol if you think any company is competitive with brain, deepmind and fair
      Mar 10
  • Aurora bystander!
    Come to Aurora, we have a few too many PhDs. All our founders are PhDs - CMU/MIT.
    Mar 11 0
  • eBay uUhGab1
    Not really a person to ever consider doing a PhD and not super intellectually inclined, but wouldnt a PhD be super tempted to go for FAANG funding/resources? All the AI factually at my alma mater get poached/recruited a lot
    Mar 11 0
  • Microsoft PggR83
    Mar 10 0