Principal engineer @Portland,OR

Nike ihvjyfjg
Oct 15 13 Comments

I completed my final interview today and expecting to receive offer later this week for Principal engineer position at Autodesk.

Can anyone from ADSK advice me about the expected TC (base/rsu's) and so I can negotiate better.

With Nike, my current base is $148k with no additional stocks or rsu's.

I have 8 yoe.


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  • Autodesk but_moooom
    We have too many titles. Zzz. Principal = low end l5/e5 or high l4/e4. Not sure about Portland, but in SF a principal median is about 155. With 12% yearly bonus. Initial RSUs are upto you to negotiate, but you get yearly 25k refreshers for sure and additional based on performance.
    Oct 19 8
    • Nike htrushft
      Here at Nike, Architects/Principal both are at the same level. Below them, we have SE1, SE2, SE3 and Tech lead's
      Oct 19
    • Autodesk but_moooom
      There’s no tech lead. It’s se 1,2,3, snr se 1,2 and then principal. The lower levels are pretty fast to navigate, but then it gets slower. We have so many levels and that’s why when you compare to other companies principal is more like last year L4/E4 or just promoted L5/E5.
      Oct 19
    • Nike htrushft
      Really appreciate and thank you for the info. Can you talk about the work culture, and do they use latest technologies? And work life balance or else most of teams dumps too much work on the engineers? One thing I heard is that most of the development teams are in Singapore and so most of the engineers should dial in everyday between 5-6 PM..
      Oct 20
    • Autodesk but_moooom
      Wlb is great. I guess there are teams that have people across the world. But generally there is an expectation to not make people work too much outside the work hours. I guess sometimes you might end up in that situation but if you’re vocal about your displeasure you’d be fine. Otherwise everyone will think you’re okay with it. But yeah it’s pretty good in terms of wlb
      Oct 20
    • Nike htrushft
      Awesome and thank you for the info.
      Oct 21
  • Autodesk rezr62
    It's likely you could end up with a manager with such poor technical ability they would likely make a better candidate to be your direct report.

    There is a common thread of senior managers only hiring non technical managers of technical departments leaving the engineers bothered frustrated and lacking of any vertical mobility. This leads to the high rate of turn over you may have read about.

    Be prepared to be patient and have the heart of a teacher.
    Oct 21 0
  • Rackspace / Eng

    Rackspace Eng

    They either have messed up designation or you are too good for that 8 year experience. Btw, how many principal engineers they have and what’s your tc?
    Oct 15 1
    • Nike htrushft
      Yet need to discuss the offer with recruiter. I had a call tomorrow. During the interview process they said its approx $170k base
      Oct 17
  • Lyft JGMR3621
    Autodesk has some of the worst title inflation in the bay haha
    Oct 15 0


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