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Microsoft technologi
Aug 25 7 Comments

Are there folks on H1-B who moved from Program Management to Product Management at FAANG? Did you have issues while transferring your visa? What are the key red flags I should avoid while working with the legal team at the new company?
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  • Sprint drt226
    Are you changing jobs within the same company of applying for a visa transfer ?
    The major issue of both Program Manager and Product Manager roles is an RFE of speciality occupation. Generally in an H1b filing the company will state they need someone with a BE in ECE , CS or a related technical field. Unfortunately most Program or Product Manager job duties are very vague and tend to focus more on business and cross functional team work elements of the role. USCIS is taking this as a reason to claim that why do you need someone with a bachelors in technical field ? Etc
    Aug 28 3
    • Microsoft technologi
      Changing companies from one FAANG to another. Product management job description does have technical aspects to it. Should I be more explicit in asking the legal team to include it in the visa application?
      Aug 30
    • Sprint grg225
      Yes please. Also keep in mind typically the regular job description from company website might not be sufficient. For example if your company is demanding a minimum degree requirement of BE in CS or similar then to a Layman, each and every line of the job DUTY should reflect the need for a CS degree.
      I would recommend talk to your hiring manager to draft a very well detailed job description from the onset and ensure that the lawyers put out the whole thing in the application. If possible also show product details that you are going to work on.

      BEWARE immigration lawyers are deliberately overlooking job descriptions in initial applications because it looks like they get extra money if there is an RFE. I am saying this from my own experience and other friends have recently been through the same.
      Aug 30
    • Microsoft technologi
      Thanks. Makes sense. Appreciate your response.
      Aug 30
  • NVIDIA valleypoor
    I don't understand the difference.

    PMs are PMs.
    Aug 25 2
    • Google ok ?
      PgM / PM
      Aug 25
    • Microsoft technologi
      Well, not quite. The job description varies a bit. Not sure if that ll cause visa issues though
      Aug 27