Program manager positions at workday, east bay

Intel cq_intel
Dec 8, 2018 4 Comments

Wife currently works as a contractor at Apple and trying to find work in east bay close to home than do the 1.5 hr commute each way.She has been applying to workday online for the past one year with no luck.

YOE in the US: 4 yrs
Role: Program Manager at GBI, Apple as a contractor.
Looking for PM roles at workday, east bay

Any one here who can provide a referral at workday or know of any PM positions?



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TOP 4 Comments
  • New 0hedge
    That commute...bless her heart.she is a keeper.
    Dec 9, 2018 1
    • Intel cq_intel
      Thanks. That she is.
      Dec 9, 2018
  • Workday / Eng

    Workday Eng

    Is she willing and ready to take a massive pay cut?
    Dec 9, 2018 1
    • Intel cq_intel
      Thanks for the reply. She is ok with a pay cut assuming workday won’t low ball too much.
      Dec 9, 2018