Qualcomm Machine learning engineer?

Microsoft ScubyDuBDu
Jan 27 10 Comments

Anyone recently interviewed with Qualcomm for ML engineer role? I have a interview coming up in few and would appreciate some pointers :)


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  • Microsoft R@men
    why Qualcomm?
    Jan 27 4
    • Intel fratboyceo
      Because he didn’t leetcode enough
      Jan 27
    • Microsoft ScubyDuBDu
      Coming from a Intel guy? :/
      Jan 28
    • Intel fratboyceo
      Fair, but I chose HW because I enjoy it
      Jan 29
    • Intel fratboyceo
      ML at a HW company is what I am poking fun at
      Jan 29
  • Microsoft
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    Tier 1more
    Why does Qualcomm need ML?
    Jan 28 0
  • Apple Icml2017
    I used to work at Qualcomm a while back (when they had a Corp R&D group which might not exist in that form anymore) on computer vision & machine learning related areas. From my experience it was a very tertiary focus in the company unless things have changed drastically. Every member of my team that I knew of have left Qualcomm a while back. For ML related roles, Microsoft (where you currently are) should have lots of projects and qualified people with strong ML background. Perhaps you can explore that option first!
    Jan 28 0
  • GrubHub / Eng

    GrubHub Eng

    QC moral is at all time low
    Jan 29 1
    • New FUQ
      This is very true
      Jan 30
  • New FUQ
    ML is a pet project. The whole company is focusing on 5G. I don’t think it’s worth moving to Qualcomm for a job in ML.
    Also, company morale and compensation is sub par. The benefits aren’t that great either. I’d recommend you stay at Microsoft or search somewhere else.
    Jan 28 0