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Jun 14 18 Comments

Anyone know anything about how women are treated at qualtircs?


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  • Wayfair / Eng

    Wayfair Eng

    Had a friend quit. She was told she should have kids and stay in the kitchen. Small sample size and she was in the Utah office. Crazy mormans.
    Jun 14 7
    • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
      That sounds straight out of 4chan... Doesn't seem to be representative of the company.
      Jun 14
    • Snapchat eeXB43
      BS, i worked at Qualtrics in Seattle. lots of woman work there. pretty good company.
      Jun 14
    • Qualtrics wipwopdip
      @eeXB43 Yeah, you worked at Qualtrics *in Seattle*. Provo, Utah is filled with Mormons and Mormons are preeeeetttty damn sexist.

      In Seattle? Sure, BS. But considering the location, I buy it.
      Jun 15
    • New / Mktg papadough
      As someone who lives in Utah and knows a ton of people at that company, I'm going to call BS on that. It's a pretty progressive company.
      Jul 9
    • Qualtrics taTB01
      Sounds legit... {sarcasm}

      The stereotyping of Mormons as sexist and crazy is just as off putting as the original stereotyping this woman was subject to. The only difference is we have the evidence of your bias via your comment(s). We’ll have to take your word on the original story. L
      Sep 24
  • Qualtrics fudienc
    The company has made a major shift in the last 5 years. A lot of the stories mentioned here about Provo were probably true, but culturally has changed into a major globally run organization.

    There a major efforts that have been underway for the last 18 months to improve hiring and retention for women and other underrepresented groups as well.

    More than 50% of senior hires in 2019 are women. The only two promotions in one of our most senior bands this past go around we’re women. The executive who oversees all of Qualtrics for SAP is Jen Morgan who is pretty kick ass if you read up on here.

    Being based in Seattle I’ll tell you it’s a great place to be regardless of gender identification, sexual identity, race, religion, etc. can’t speak directly for Provo, but I know it’s changed significantly in the last few years now that we don’t primarily hire out of BYU anymore.

    I’d advice you to ask your recruiter about the Women’s leadership development group and ask to speak with someone involved to tell you more about their efforts
    Jun 15 1
    • New 1hgty45
      Thanks that’s great insight!
      Jun 15
  • Qualtrics / Eng rOwA64
    I’ve been to both offices quite a bit. For Utah, it’s fantastic. Still I don’t recommend the Utah office. Seattle office is great though, and has a pretty different culture from the Provo office.

    It’s definitely an international company now though and that reflects to some degree on the culture in all offices. Feel free to PM if you have more questions.

    Also Qualtrics does take diversity seriously and is actively working to add more women in leadership roles.
    Jun 14 2
    • New 1hgty45
      That’s really helpful. Thanks!
      Jun 14
    • Qualtrics / Other qualtricdo
      There is definitely a reflection of local culture in the office, like any company.

      That said, 75% of hires come from out of state, so it's pretty diverse.
      Jun 15
  • Microsoft sVFo85
    Also during your interview I would ask any manager or leader to talk about a recent time they had to address an issue or racial and gender bias. What happened to the person who raised the issue, and looking back was there a better way you could have addressed it.

    If they can’t bring a specific example they are bullshitting you or just completely oblivious.

    If they bring up their policies and procedures but don’t bring up a specific example then they are just lip service.
    Jun 16 0
  • This is purely anecdotal and probably does not represent the overall company, but I have heard that most of these Utah companies have a Mormon undertone. A good friend worked for another SLC company and said that if you aren’t apart of that “in crowd”, good luck.
    Jun 14 1
    • New utahn
      It's true, don't come to Utah
      Jun 14
  • New 1hgty45
    Anyone have experience with the Seattle office?
    Jun 14 1
    • Snapchat eeXB43
      I worked there at Seattle. It is a good company, good people. The compensation was a bit lower but heard recently they have increased.
      Jun 14