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Cisco / QA CyberDemon
Apr 12 21 Comments

Have you considered the scenario where you have an anchor baby and in 20 years, they take away the Family GC sponsorship? And your kid will be in US and you, elsewhere? What goes around comes around?


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  • IBM / Eng pussylick
    No Kids for me. Can't afford it. It's so difficult to raise a human baby. I think its time for humanity to become extinct. Who the fuck would evolve in such a way that it takes 17 years to raise a baby? We deserve to be extinct. We evolved so bad that we created a system that's made it difficult to raise our own species. What a clueless species we are. Let it end with us.
    Apr 12 4
    • Microsoft quechua
      Normally I'd say, "that escalated quickly", but this is instantaneous ascension.
      Apr 12
    • Amazon ezy
      I empathize you bro..
      Apr 12
    • BigCommerce / Other SsMX84
      You're confusing the terms evolve and mature..
      Apr 12
    • Amazon loganlogs
      Judging by your alias, I think you’re keeping your word! 👏🏻
      Apr 12
  • Google Happyness
    Who cares? The trick is to maximize money making potential here. US is the best for money making, but not the best place for your life to happen. Work here for 10 years is more than enough for retirement elsewhere. I'm already past that point. There are plenty of quality countries I could immigrate to if needed that have lower cost of living with better social safety nets. Using my US savings there would be a pretty comfy life. I don't want to pull the plug yet because the money is so darn good. Every additional year gives a great financial cushion. So no matter how this plays out, H1B has worked out brilliantly for me!

    Kids have the choice to live wherever they want as well. Win-win for both generations.
    Apr 13 7
    • Google Happyness
      Lmao. I'm in my early 30s kiddo 🤣🤣 I want my kids to live wherever they want to. I have the money to have them visit/ have us visit them or whatever the hell we feel like as often as we feel like. We love travel. It's the magic of high paying jobs for a decade plus.
      Apr 13
    • Groupon / Eng sleepy
      OP - define a quality country. There are many countries where you can literally buy residency. A handful of them are also great places to live. Besides, my own country is always a good place for me ...
      Apr 13
    • Google Happyness
      A country with accessible healthcare, no mass shootings in schools and an above average quality of life.
      Apr 13
    • Cisco / QA CyberDemon
      a country where it isn't hot as balls and you can breathe clean air. more importantly, you need friends/family nearby in retirement.
      Apr 13
    • Groupon / Eng sleepy
      Hot is relative and to me an affordable healthcare gets even above these. Old age needs a little bit more of it, isn’t it?
      Apr 13
  • Groupon / Eng sleepy
    I’m a us citizen and planning to live my life after 60 in India. I don’t see these Indians will stay back here till then.
    Apr 12 3
    • Google take
      All the best for your stay in India.
      Apr 12
    • Amazon trailblzer
      I doubt if you’ll be able to move back to India.
      Apr 12
    • Groupon / Eng sleepy
      I go there in a regular basis. If I don’t have to work, india is still the best place to spend my retirement savings.
      Apr 12
  • Zillow Group / Eng anKW36
    So what? I’ll move back to my country with free healthcare, affordable universities, universal welfare, and great weather. Then my kids can decide if they want to work/live in either place.

    Almost all countries have automatic citizenship for children. So it’s not like your child would only be a US citizen.
    Apr 12 0
  • Microsoft mdnd
    Like someone said, I plan to move back to my country at some point and my future kids can decide where they want to live :)
    Apr 13 0
  • Microsoft overallSet
    Trust the Trump !
    Apr 12 1