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Quit this year or next?

Undisclosed HFUt57
Dec 3

For all of you quitting your job for a new one next year, when is you last date? This year or next?
I'm starting my new job on Jan 7th. I woulk like to stay on until 4th at my current job and take advantage of paid holidays.
What are you doing?

TC: 115k 4yoe SE


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  • Townsquare Media DramaKing
    1. You never ever leave at the end of the year. Why? You collect your bonus in Q1 of next year then you leave

    2. You only leave in Q4 if they next Company is willing to buy out your bonus. If not sit the fuck down.
    Dec 32
    • New A. Ham
      My current company is just gonna find a reason NOT to give bonuses this year AGAIN. But hey might as well negotiate it anyway.
      Dec 3
    • VMware BobbleHat
      Most companies have different bonus schedule

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