Radio silence from Oracle during offer discussion

Fluke ODqc34
Sep 12 10 Comments

Gave recruiter at Oracle my TC requirement for Sr PMM role after successful onsite interviews.

no movement on reference checks or offer negotiations. references were contacted for a suitable time to chat but no further correspondemce with them either.

1 week since last response. i followed up once during this time.

is this normal?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Oracle pzd
    Oracle can't make a formal offer until you pass background check. The company that does that is really slow and rather incompetent. I think in my case, it took weeks because that couldn't reach my school.
    Sep 13 2
    • Oracle K0dada
      verified and true
      Sep 15
    • Oracle uhDm05
      Not sure what country you are in but in US and Canada Oracle hasn't done the no formal offer until background check clears process for years. Not sure how long but I have been there 2 years and it was already changed when I joined.
      Sep 18
  • NVIDIA saviour te
    Hit up Larry on Telegram, he loves those Russian pee parties
    Sep 12 0
  • Oracle XjAN63
    Unfortunately it’s very normal.
    Sep 12 0
  • Oracle 8sfYN
    One week is not a big deal. If it feels too uncomfortable waiting, you can call the generic HR number and ask for a status update. It won't speed things up, but you might get a better idea of what they're waiting on. Could also contact the hiring manager on LinkedIn for a second perspective.
    Sep 12 0
  • Oracle chaljootha
    yups.. its normal here
    long silence.. sometimes even longer...
    Sep 12 0
  • CA Technologies Wxdx81
    Did you get any update from HR like how much time they will take to release offer?
    Oct 2 0
  • Oracle dragonflyy
    It’s open world time - be patient. Oracle offers can take long time sometimes upto months to go through.
    Sep 15 0
  • Fluke ODqc34
    Thanks all 🤞
    Sep 13 0