Rand Paul introduces S2091, the better HR1044/S386

Jul 13 29 Comments

To all the Rand Paul haters (who blocked S386): I guess you were wrong.
He just introduced S2091 which includes a variant of S386 (i.e. it removes country caps) but at the same time significantly increases (eff. 4x) the total number of available GCs, especially employment-based GCs. This should effectively remove backlogs for all countries.
Here's the news: https://www.cato.org/blog/sen-pauls-believe-act-raises-skilled-migration-without-tradeoffs .

Some other highlights the bill introduces:
- "Provides employment authorization and legal status while waiting for a green card (pp. 7-8)". My understanding of the law is that you can file adjustment of status (I485) immediately after approved I140 (even if there is a backlog) which makes you eligible for EAD. Instead of waiting for PD, your I485 simply stays pending until backlog is gone. Effectively it means that even if there was a long backlog, you wouldn't have to extend / transfer your H1B etc. indefinitely anymore but simply work and stay on EAD and pending I485.
- Grants uncapped GC (no cap at all) and work authorization to children of legal temporary workers (H1, L1). I.e. that solves the aging out problem.


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  • Amazon


    Yo-yo Chen
    Dude there is a difference between a bill which will realistically pass the senate vs. a bill set for failure. This is just a sabotage effort to derail S386.
    Jul 13 8
    • Amazon acker
      No, S386 is worse. Actually.

      The status quo is bad, but it's not as bad as a world where the consulting spam applications dominate greencards for ten years.

      Note that only a minority of the India backlog are people with merit. Most of the queue is Cognizant, Wipro, etc

      Making the whole world wait so those people can get greencards is just wrong.

      On the other hand the BELIEVE act if fair to everyone and actually solves the problem.
      Jul 13
    • Verizon / R&D ComTruise
      What does RoW mean?
      Jul 13
    • Amazon acker
      Rest of world.

      S386 will cause a ten year wait (that will keep growing longer) for everyone. S2091 will fix the problem for everyone.
      Jul 13
    • Affirm / Eng whom65
      Republic of Wakanda. And it can't pass the Senate, so it's just masturbatory grandstanding.
      Jul 13
    • Amazon acker
      At least it's a fair and good bill unlike s386
      Jul 13
  • Google cEMj22
    He is just wasting time. No way house will allow increase in Green cards. This is similar to what happened last last time.
    Jul 13 2
    • Atlassian / Eng
      Luffy, M.D

      Atlassian Eng

      A prematurely grumpy somewhat old man
      Luffy, M.Dmore
      Can't see why not, unless there is a poison pill in it somewhere. Most Democrats I know are for more skilled immigration; the objections to prior R proposals have been that they did so by limiting lottery visas and family sponsorship both of which are non starters for Democrats.
      Jul 13
    • Citadel Securities wagecuck3
      Yes, it's the other way around: the Senate won't pass a bill that increases total immigration right now, because they know that if they pass it, the Democrat-controlled House will also pass it. In fact I don't think McConnell will even let this bill get voted on.
      Jul 14
  • Visa / Eng Pompee
    If only 1 thing out of this is implemented, that would be huge. That one thing is..... EAD immediately after i140 with no need to be on H1B.
    Jul 13 0
  • LinkedIn Humphrey G
    Key word: ‘introduces’.

    How many co-sponsors? 0
    Is it bi-partisan? No
    Will it pass? No (Anything that increases no. Of immigrants is a no go)
    Jul 13 0
  • Walmart.com / Ops kaleen_b
    Current administration wants to repeal H4EAD but this bill talks about giving EAD to spouses and children in H/L category. Sounds unlikely! Would love to see it though...
    Jul 13 0
  • Ford GXqN18
    Ron Paul for president
    Jul 13 0
  • LinkedIn Humphrey G
    ROW folk crying foul:
    You guys just don’t seem to know how the Hill works. No amount of blind posts or tweets will make a difference. You’ve to lobby/get a sponsor for an alternative etc. HR 1044, S386 is way ahead as it’s been in the works for 10 years, has bipartisan support, has a lobby backing it, and as y’all accept, is trying to improve a bad situation for an affected group. That’s too much momentum.

    It’ll pass, there’s no doubt about it.
    The question is, what’re y’all gonna do about it?

    Backlogged folk:
    Why’s priority date the deciding factor? 10 years and all that lobbying muscle could have easily added a ranking/points system to it with priority date also getting (albeit less) points while getting rid of country caps.

    P.S: I’m not affected by any of this.
    Jul 13 1
    • VMware dameon
      Because even a very simple bill that just removes country caps has taken so long and has not still not been passed. If point system is added, rest assured nothing is ever going to pass. This does not have to be the only piece of reform ever, but is an incremental step
      Jul 13
  • Rand is an idiot. He very wells knows his bill has no chance of passing. On the other hand he stopped S386 which has good support. He is just playing his usual politics to ensure he blocks S 386 t and still tries to send a message that hey look I am so pro legal immigration. He very well knows his bill will never pass. He is a con artist.
    Jul 13 0
  • This certainly sounds better but trump would never sign it 😔
    Jul 13 0
  • This bill is a fraud. There is no explanation whatsoever why Rand blocked S 386. I just do not like him anymore.
    Jul 13 1
    • Google troll123
      I guess the shortage of nurses would be concerning? That's his explanation
      Jul 20
  • Google / Eng seo
    What's the latest here?
    Sep 14 0
  • Microsoft stink
    It also has a clause to remove caps for illegal immigrants
    Jul 13 2
    • Amazon acker
      Jul 13
    • SAP MrDT
      somehow a few people seem to believe that the bill removes cap for children of dreamers. That is not the case. The bill will just removes the cap for children of *legal* temporary workers (H1, L1 etc) provided the kid is in the country for more than 10 years. Dreamers are not considered *legal* workers hence this clause doesn't apply to them.
      Jul 13
  • Apple / Eng MrTechLead
    People wanted merit based system, now some one proposed one. Guess what, we think it won’t pass, so let’s just take the GC from the ROW.
    Sep 19 0
  • Google / Eng seo
    Today's the vote
    Sep 19 0
  • Microsoft orki
    Won’t ever pass
    Sep 14 0


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