Refer please: Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, AirBnB, more

T-Mobile 🃏cominBig4
Aug 13 11 Comments

Hi guys,

I cleared & got an offer SDE I from Amazon in HQ today.

I'd like to interview with other companies and compare offers.

Here's some of my info:
- Leetcode: 302. Easy 152, Medium 120, Hard 30 (many medium questions are becoming easy tags now).
- Companies: Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, AirBnB, Adobe, Lyft, Pinterest.
- I failed on-site Google 4 months ago. I may try in the next 2 months.
- 1.5 YOE
- TC: 90K

I appreciate it. Thank you!


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  • Citrix Systems / Eng ಅವನೌನ ಹಡಾ
    Tc for amazon split out my boy
    Aug 13 0
  • Amazon


    Fullstack Developer
    PM if you want Microsoft referral
    Aug 13 3
    • Could I pm you as well?
      Aug 13
    • I've solved over 200LC, finished Grokking and EPI, and have previous onsite and interview experience with top tech companies
      Aug 13
    • T-Mobile 🃏cominBig4
      I Dm-ed. Please check.
      Aug 13
  • Adobe KnJi67
    PM for Airbnb referral
    Aug 13 2
  • Facebook isghg
    Aug 14 2
    • T-Mobile 🃏cominBig4
      Hi, I just got a rejection from Fb after i followed up with recruiter yesterday. i was referred 3 months ago.
      Thank you :(
      Aug 14
    • Could I DM you too?
      Aug 23