Referral Needed: ORG Training/ELearning Senior Positions

Capital Group Lighthill
Aug 30

Seeking TC: 90 and up

Need some advice since I’m in a bit of catch 22.

I’m an experienced senior lead in Organizational Training & E-Learning Program Creation. I cover the whole shebang— from concept, architecture, creation, system, launch, you name it, I got it.

Problem is, and please bear with me because I’m being painfully honest right now, I’m too skilled and too knowledgeable in my field, so wherever I go, I create a solution in 2 days when people have been stuck with a dilemma for weeks— making me the target of a lot of toxic jealousy from mid level folks. But if I purposely go slow, then it’s unethical and folks might still nail me for not being an advertised “senior expert”. It’s a messed up catch 22 for me.

I’m a friendly, courteous, and social guy, the kind that help folks cross the street and carry bags for my sick coworkers all the time. I just need to find a company where I can work with a leader who is high level enough to react to my technical expertise with positive feelings instead of jealousy.

Any referral would be appreciated. Thanks.


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