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Amazon Willyyy
Jun 13 6 Comments

Hi guys,

I work for AWS Australia. I’m currently seeking for engineering positions in US. I passed Google’s SWE HC, but the team matching is very slow, and I’m a bit worried about their reputation of offering lowball. I want to also try the other big companies to get more offers to compare. It’d be really appreciated if I someone can help refer me for
- Fb
- Netflix
- Airbnb
- Uber
- LinkedIn
- Apple

Please let me know and I’ll send JD and resume. Also welcome if someone has some advise about Australian Googlers matching a team in US.

Thank you in advance!


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TOP 6 Comments
  • CenturyLink going2fb
    Where’s the YOE?
    Jun 13 1
    • Amazon Willyyy
      7 yoe, mostly around dev ops and cloud architecting
      Jun 13
  • Netflix / Product Thats_It
    We don’t do referrals for anyone we can’t personally vouch for. It’s against our culture.
    Jun 13 1
    • Amazon Willyyy
      Thanks. It seems reasonable
      Jun 13
  • Twitter fagsthink
    PM me if interested in Twitter
    Jun 13 1
    • Amazon Willyyy
      Thanks! PMed
      Jun 13


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