Required skill set for a move into Self driving tech

ZF / Eng unsafecar
Oct 2 11 Comments

Hello folks. My first post here.

Currently working on Level 2 Autonomous tech at a Tier 1 supplier firm in Michigan. Mostly radar based perception and a little bit of behavioral / function Development . YOE is 2 years. Work here isn't as challenging as I would have hoped. We don't really focus on algos / data structures much. No computer vision either as all the image processing / vision is done by another supplier. Did ML in college but never used it here and will not use it here either. I'm worried I'm falling behind the rest of the self driving engineers' pack. I'm hoping to get an idea as to what I would need to work on to be able to interview with the firms on the West coast .
Thanks !


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  • WeWork RPvk36
    Don’t. Its too late in the hype cycle now.
    Oct 2 10
    • WeWork RPvk36
      Good luck with your prototype and valuation! Cruise took 2.25b from SoftBank + 1.1b from GM + 750m from Honda and you still have no product or revenue!
      Oct 2
    • Cruise Automation aeDL60
      Oct 2
    • Cruise Automation / Eng

      Cruise Automation Eng

      Tesla Motors, Facebook
      Ex-Tesla, Ex-FB Tech Lead
      Good luck at WE company, shelve IPO + declare bankruptcy! 👋
      Oct 3
    • WeWork RPvk36
      Thanks, I’m already looking.
      Oct 3
    • Cruise Automation MooseK
      Lmao wework. You lose any argument by default
      Oct 6


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