Reviewing several offers and potential offers

New / Eng xsue48
Jun 23 13 Comments

Context: I’m in Boston and currently unemployed but at the senior level, frontend

First offer came from zulily in Seattle. They hit with a very high offer, signing bonus, RSUs, and relocation
My fears are the glassdoor reviews for the company which seem to rate it fairly lowly.

My second offer is sonder in San Francisco
Loved the team, loved the product, but disliked San Francisco. I think the offer is a little lower than expected even adjusting for the area. If it were in Boston I would have taken it right away though

Now there are some that are a little in the dark

One is Airbnb. I completed an onsite but haven’t heard from them after. I’ve tried contacting them but it’s been quite the task. Should I give up on that?

Next is a company called Lose It! In Boston. They haven’t made an offer but they seemed very interesting. Great work life balance, good location. The weird thing is they interviewed me as a front end developer for a largely mobile app driven company

Finally, I was considering contacting my old manager at Akamai and just asking if they had openings

What do you guys think?


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  • Amazon citaoff
    Apply to AWS and Alexa in Boston. Competitive TC, probably way better than Akamai

    Also, give rough first year and recurring TC #s please.
    Jun 23 6
    • Amazon citaoff
      Try again in Boston. Alexa is hiring like mad and AWS storage gateway is a good product (or so I’ve heard) in Seaport
      Jun 23
    • New / Eng xsue48
      Also heard they’re very overworked :/
      Jun 23
    • Amazon citaoff
      AWS maybe but I’m not :)

      For the record this is something you can determine from your interviews within the team. Pay will likely be a hair less than Airbnb or matched depending on perf and level
      Jun 23
    • Apple dksjf
      @citaoff you're with Alexa in boston and the culture is good?
      Jun 23
    • Amazon citaoff
      Idk I like it fine
      Jun 24
  • Oracle !ora
    Why don't like san Francisco?
    Jun 23 1
    • New / Eng xsue48
      The boring answer is that it just doesn’t vibe with me, I don’t see a life there. Also I’m single and 27 so don’t reckon dating there is gonna be a good plan
      Jun 23
  • Twitter


    Whoever pays more
    Jun 23 0
  • Akamai Technologies hpBF22
    can you provide the TC breakdown for each offer.
    Jun 24 1
    • New / Eng xsue48
      135k San Francisco offer
      171k Seattle offer
      Still waiting for the Boston one but it would probably be 120-140
      Jun 24
  • Prophet ywtL37
    Any updates?
    Aug 19 0


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