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Deutsche Bank ky77598
Mar 7 7 Comments

Hi, I am trying to re-pot my career from Wall St to the Valley. I know there are tons of info on TC, but I want to ask your view on how to approach this comp expectation topic (disclaimer: in the midst of interviews with a couple big names in the Valley but no offers at this stage).

As you know, the comp at banks is very different from the one in the valley in the sense that the former is (or used to be) very bonus heavy with 1 - 2 X base.

What I am certain is there is a clear range for the base, which is at 230K. If so, how should I communicate my TC expectations? Let's say - 230K (base) + 40K (15% of base) + 100K (RSU) divided by 4 = ~295K. Would this be the right way to communicate my annual comp expectation?

about me: 8 yoe post MBA / former trader / now an internal strategy


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  • Adobe / Mgmt pambrads
    in higher levels RSU is most, sign up for linkedin and use Bauer
    Mar 7 0
  • Depends on place, but for example at Google, 300k would be 160-170k base + 30k bonus + 100k rsu
    Mar 7 5
    • Deutsche Bank ky77598
      Thx. To confirm, 100K RSU is not annualized, right? i.e., 100 divided by 4 = 25K. If I communicate 300K as my TC, this is not annual so a bit misleading? Shouldn't this be 225K? or is 300K an usual convention?
      Mar 7
    • LinkedIn Blimp!
      RSU is annualized. 100k rsu mentioned above was got as 400k/4
      Mar 7
    • What @Blimp! said, offer would be something like 170k + 15% + 400k RSU / 4 years + sign on
      Mar 7
    • Ive seen some companies offer 250k base + 200k stock (/ 4 years), YMMV, but I think most of the large companies take the Google approach
      Mar 7
    • Deutsche Bank ky77598
      Thx all - extremely helpful!
      Mar 7