SDE1 @Microsoft vs SDE2 @Yahoo

Numerify nJdn16
Nov 12 7 Comments

I have an offer from Yahoo with overall compensation of 260K (SDE 2) and Microsoft new Grad role with overall compensation of 215K (SDE1). Both in South Bay area. Teams and work both are interesting in both the companies. I am confused as brand value will be more for Microsoft but offer is good of Yahoo. Any suggestions?


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  • Amazon NoRhhuhb
    Whats your yoe? Do you have a masters?
    Nov 12 3
    • Numerify nJdn16
      Yup 2 yrs of work ex before masters. graduated last dec. In all around 3 yrs of work exp. MS from one of the top univ.
      Nov 12
    • Amazon NoRhhuhb
      Ahhh ok. Cuz thats a great sde1 offer :)
      Nov 12
    • No wonder the offer package. Congrats!
      Nov 13
  • Target horsepower
    Yahoo / Verizon is not doing great at the moment. I heard except few teams, there are lot of shitty politics going on in teams. I would stay be away from that.
    Nov 13 0
  • I’m gonna go with Yahoo here cuz of TC.
    Nov 12 0
  • New dubz888
    Easy yahoo
    Nov 12 0


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