SDET at established vs DevOps at a startup

Capgemini maddy0302
Nov 14 7 Comments

Can you please help me in making a decision. Akamai SDET vs Bluescape DevOps

Role, H1 Sponsorship, job security
I like systems engineering a lot, also I have a knack to break things, find flaws continuously thriving to improve quality.


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TOP 7 Comments
  • WeWork wvtP54
    Dev ops sound better than qa to most. QAs are getting outsourced, though wont ever become obsolete. I was former qa, laid off, became a dev
    Nov 14 2
    • Capgemini maddy0302
      How difficult was it to transition from QA to Dev, I meant in terms of opportunities!
      Nov 14
    • WeWork wvtP54
      A bit difficult bc qa requires no skills, at least little to no coding skills. U may settle for less desired companies like amazon when u first become a dev
      Nov 14
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    What’s your role priority? Lol
    Nov 14 1
    • Capgemini maddy0302
      Pls don't take it the wrong way, the industry has sterotyped that once in QA it is super difficult to get employed as Dev in future, pay is comparatively less and I fear QA role will disappear in few years as devs work more responsibly.
      Nov 14
  • Bluescape HJrF67
    Choose Bluescape, you will learn a lot. DevOps is one of the best fields.
    One more thing, being an employee of startup does not have any impact on you visa.
    Nov 25 0
  • Akamai Technologies

    Akamai Technologies

    Akamai if you want a stagnant career with good wlb. If young and risk taker go with the Devops one
    Nov 18 0


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