SWE vs DEV ?

New / Eng LosYork
Jan 7 10 Comments

Dev = developer focusing on writing crud app/ web/ features ... etc
Swe = Software Engineer like focusing on solving more complex problems

This is not the perfect definition and I know there’s a blurry line.

But I just have both offers, just wondering if I go DEV, does the title and experience makes me harder to go for SWE later on ?

Also what’s the comparison of career path: salary, future, opportunities ... etc



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  • LinkedIn W.Wolf
    I’d say “developer” by itself is a broad term that encompasses SWE, unless it’s prefixed like “web developer”
    Jan 7 2
    • New / Eng LosYork
      So is web dev limited in terms of career path ? Also, is it that different than app dev or software dev, all are implementing features ?
      Jan 7
    • LinkedIn W.Wolf
      Not limited, just different. Web dev implies focus on frontend. There’s really a ton of overlap with each title, depending on the actual role
      Jan 7
  • Amazon / Eng DynamoDB
    Titles are shit. Work on cool shit and get paid good money. That's the dream.
    Jan 7 0
  • Amazon ChiknTikka
    Any company that still uses the title developer is signaling "we want to hire shitty crud app coders". So there's that.
    Jan 7 1
    • Verizon TheRealOJ
      Man if I had a nickel for every time I heard this nonsense. Every app at its heart is CRUD one way or another man. So then I take you you don’t develop anything other than maybe a case of dick face?
      Jan 7
  • Verizon TheRealOJ
    Fairly interchangeable. I wouldn’t get hung up on something like this. Why wouldn’t you just do what you like? The TC appears to be good either way. I guess whichever has you do the needful.
    Jan 7 0
  • Vanguard / Eng krampus
    Jan 17 0
  • New / Eng Za4rt8
    I didn't know they're different.
    Jan 8 0
  • Microsoft / Eng FreshPrinc
    Jan 8 0


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